AOD (Affina) Team Tools

AOD (Affina Organisational Development) have various team tools, one of which is the Affina Team Journey (ATJ).   The ATJ helps to improve performance through the development of effective team based working and positive organisational cultures.

The tool is firmly based on leading global research into what we know about high performing teams – exactly the type of evidence base you would expect from a well-established and reliable approach

The Affina Team Journey…  Improve performance by giving team leaders a structured, practical ‘tool-kit’ they will value and enjoy

The Affina Team Journey is an online team assessment and development tool for team leaders to use with their teams. It improves performance by giving teams a structured, evidence-based experience they will value and enjoy.

A clear, ten-stage layout enables teams to work through the practical and interactive materials at their own pace, usually in four to six months with the support of an Affina coach.

The case study below is based on the experience of the Senior Physio Team that is part of the Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership.

The cost of undertaking the Affina Team Journey is £100 per team.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Gail Groves, Affina Gatekeeper – Gail Groves