About Us

The North East Learning Collaborative (NELC) is made up of public and third sector organisations across the north east of Scotland and has been delivering shared events for 10 years. Since 2007, we have been working jointly in the design and delivery of a range of learning and development activities including CPD events, management and leadership courses, a mentoring scheme and coaching. Through the work of NELC, we have maximised the use of our resources through shared learning and helped the development of closer partnership working across the region. Our aim is to design and deliver the learning events that suit your needs and support organisational goals, whether these are national or “local”.

We hope that you will attend and learn from one of our courses, or take part in coaching, mentoring or Leadership Exchange. We ask that you offer feedback, and help us in our goal of continuous improvement. You can contact us via the NELC mailbox here:

ACVO@nelcscotland.org.uk (For all Aberdeen City Third Sector Enquiries)
AVA@nelcoscotland.org.uk (For all Aberdeenshire Third Sector Enquiries)