2 Day Coaching Skills in the Workplace Workshop

Eventbrite - NELC - Coaching Skills in the Workplace (2 Day Event)

What is it?

This two-day workshop has been designed to help participants develop a coaching style of management.  It is a practical workshop which helps to raise self-awareness and provides opportunities to practise in a safe environment the key coaching skills of listening well and asking questions which help individuals find their own solutions.

You will practice in small groups with examples which are real for you.  You will receive feedback on your listening and questioning skills which will support you in developing your confidence and competence in using a coaching style to increase morale, motivation and performance in the workplace. 

What are the objectives?

Participants will:

  • understand the definition of a coaching style in the context of management and leadership styles;
  • understand the benefits of using a coaching style and know when it is appropriate to do so;
  • learn how to use the OSCAR framework to support and structure a coaching conversation;
  • develop self awareness and confidence in their listening and questioning skills and in using techniques to help people find their own solutions;
  • identify the actions they can take to develop a coaching culture within their own team or department.

The programme:

Day 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Expectations and Ground Rules
  • Coaching Definitions and Philosophies
  • Qualities of an Effective Coach
  • Coaching Skills – Effective Questioning and Active Listening
  • The OSCAR Model
  • Coaching Practice, Peer Feedback and Self Reflection

Day 2

  • Circles of Influence and Concern
  • Developing Self Awareness
    • Suspending Judgement
    • Emotional Triggers
    • Communication Preferences
  • Belief Cycles
  • SMART Objectives
  • Coaching Practice, Peer Feedback and Self Reflection

In advance of the workshop participants are required to identify two areas in which they would like to be more effective or successful.  This allows authentic conversations to happen in a safe and confidential environment and support the learning of the group.

NB Participants are required to attend both days to complete the programme – please ensure you are available to attend both dates before applying.